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Science Ink book coverI’ve enjoyed Carl Zimmer’s Science Tattoo Emporium blog since I knew it existed. The idea that there are people who are this unabashedly and proudly nerdy makes me very happy, as an unabashedly proud nerd myself. I love the idea of being so connected and continually fascinated with one’s science and research as to make it a displayable part of one’s body, and I love that it goes against the schoolyard idea of being ashamed of being a nerd. All of this appealed to me even before I got my own tattoo.

So of course I’m excited about this book. It comes out on 1 November, and in addition to including lots of pictures, I understand it’ll go into the science and history of the tattoo subject matter, in addition to discussing why the individual people got that particular image. Creative expression of nerdiness, good art, and learning something? That’s a win.

Though I do admit I’m also really excited because me and my ankle seismogram are totally in there. Yep.

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    Some of my entomology tattoos will be featured in this book. Be sure to pick it up!
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    I can’t wait for this book!
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    I know someone whose tattoo is in this book :3
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