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I think it’s time to finally post this. I actually drew it in September, but hadn’t posted it yet because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it at flat colors or to shade it. I obviously didn’t shade it, and I probably won’t at this point, so yeah. (Even though it would really be quite easy to do, because all the Muni Metro cars are the same color, so the characters are all the same color…)

SO YES, MUNI METRO. This set of personifications was probably inevitable! Especially considering the K-Ingleside comic I posted a while back!

From left to right:

  • The J-Church, who is, of course, an insufferable hipster, given its territory. He’s short because they can only ever run one-car Js due to right of way issues through Dolores Park.
  • The T-Third and the K-Ingleside. They’re That Couple. You know the one. Attached at the hip, refer to themselves as “we” and never “I,” really need to get a room that’s more private than West Portal. The K is spastic and erratic and generally nuts, with a bit of an evil streak. The T is used to dealing with a lot of mayhem, so he can handle the K’s neuroses most of the time. He’s generally pretty chill in the face of everything, unless there is baseball, at which point he flips his shit too.
  • The M-Ocean View, who splits a good chunk of time between college and the mall. She manages to not get frustrated by large groups of pushy people, and she’s usually there to help people get where they need to go when the K has a meltdown. (At least, that’s my experience…)
  • The L-Taraval is based on a Muni blogger transit fan friend of mine who lives right off Taraval. I can’t help but project the personality of this friend onto this line, so there we go. She was there when I drew this and answered a bunch of my questions about design. (ie. “If you were a streetcar, what would you wear?”)
  • The N-Judah has no fucks left to give, and very often loses the ability to can, and if you need to get to Ocean Beach, you’re just going to have to deal with it. His design is based off of a very prominent Muni blogger who lives along that line. He does not have those tattoos, but he was wearing a “Back door step down!” shirt when I showed him this picture.
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